Energy Generation

We develop environmental and social monitoring and evaluation plans for your renewable energy investments and advise on market trends, regulatory changes. We provide pre-feasibility and climate risk assessment for your power plant projects.

Climate Action Plan

We design climate change action plans for cities in compliance with international climate programs, such as C40, Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy and Compact of Mayors for the low carbon and climate resilient cities of the future.

Carbon Footprint

We calculate the carbon footprint of your business activities, services and products with internationally recognised methodologies and support its third party verification. We establish systems within your organisation to track your emissions.

Environmental Protection

We carry out environmental audits, due diligence and compliance checks for your investment plans, projects and suppliers. We develop KPIs and report periodic progress to ensure the environmental integrity of your operations.

Project development

We develop emission reduction projects that contribute to sustainable development and support their certification with voluntary programs, such as the Gold Standard and VCS. We facilitate their sales to buyers and brokers.

Climate Risk Assessment

We identify climate change related risks of your investments, supply chain and infrastructure projects. We develop applicable mitigation measures and accompanying monitoring plans to reduce their climate vulnerability.